ZONE 1 Michigan Jobsites


ZONE 1 Michigan Asbestos-Containing Jobsites

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Adrian Adrian College  

Adrian Bixby Hospital  

Adrian Stauffer Chemical Plant  

Allen Park VA Hospital  

Ann Arbor Ann Arbor High School  

Ann Arbor Parke Davis  

Ann Arbor Pioneer High School  

Ann Arbor UM Adelia Chever House  

Ann Arbor UM Administration Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Advanced Tech Labs  

Ann Arbor UM Angel Hall/Mason Hall  

Ann Arbor UM Animal Research Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Botanical Research  

Ann Arbor UM Brown Laboratory  

Ann Arbor UM Center Continuing Medical Education  

Ann Arbor UM Center for Performing Arts  

Ann Arbor UM Central Heating  

Ann Arbor UM Chemistry Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Cook Legal Library  

Ann Arbor UM Couzens Hall  

Ann Arbor UM Dennison Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM East Engineering  

Ann Arbor UM Emanuel Residence  

Ann Arbor UM Engineering Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Food Stores  

Ann Arbor UM Ford Nuclear Reactor  

Ann Arbor UM Gas Storage Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Geddes Residence  

Ann Arbor UM Goddard Hall  

Ann Arbor UM Han Genetics Researc  

Ann Arbor UM Hatcher Graduate Library  

Ann Arbor UM Hospital  

Ann Arbor UM Iha Read&Learn Center  

Ann Arbor UM Industrial Engineering Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Institute Social Research  

Ann Arbor UM Kalmbach Management House  

Ann Arbor UM Keen Arena  

Ann Arbor UM Key Office  

Ann Arbor UM Kresge Med Research  

Ann Arbor UM Kresge Hearing Research  

Ann Arbor UM Laundry  

Ann Arbor UM Law School State St  

Ann Arbor UM Lay Automotive Lab  

Ann Arbor UM Liquid Metals Lab  

Ann Arbor UM Little Science  

Ann Arbor UM Lloyd Memorial Lab  

Ann Arbor UM Lorch Hall  

Ann Arbor UM Mary Markley Hall  

Ann Arbor UM Medical Science  

Ann Arbor UM Mental Health Research  

Ann Arbor UM Mich Phoenix Lab  

Ann Arbor UM Michigan League  

Ann Arbor UM Mosher Jordan Halls  

Ann Arbor UM Mott Children’s Hospital  

Ann Arbor UM News Info Services  

Ann Arbor UM Noble Residence  

Ann Arbor UM North Campus Commons  

Ann Arbor UM Northwood Apts  

Ann Arbor UM Pharmacy College  

Ann Arbor UM Riverview Psychology Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Ruthven Muses  

Ann Arbor UM School Public Health  

Ann Arbor UM School of Music Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Seeley Hall  

Ann Arbor UM Simpson Memorial  

Ann Arbor UM Social Work Center  

Ann Arbor UM Space Research Lab  

Ann Arbor UM Speech Cabin  

Ann Arbor UM Stearns Bldg  

Ann Arbor UM Student Activities  

Ann Arbor UM Undergraduate Library  

Ann Arbor UM Vandenberg Hall  

Ann Arbor UM Victor Vaughn House  

Ann Arbor UM West Engineering  

Clio Clio High School  

Clio Clio High School  

Dearborn Ford Rouge Plant  

Dearborn Ford Staff Office Buildings  

Dearborn W.R. Grace Zonolite Company  

Detroit Detroit Ball Bearing  

Detroit Blue Cross Building  

Detroit Briggs Manufacturing Company  

Detroit Budd Wheel  

Detroit Burroughs Plant  

Detroit Cadillac Plant  

Detroit Central High School  

Detroit Champion Spark Plug Plant  

Detroit Chevrolet Gear & Axle Plant  

Detroit Chevrolet Stamping Plant  

Detroit Chrysler Assembly Plant  

Detroit Chrysler Forge Plant  

Detroit Chrysler Huber St Foundry  

Detroit Chrysler Jefferson Assembly Plant  

Detroit Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Plant  

Detroit Chrysler Stamping Plant  

Detroit Cobo Hall  

Detroit Detroit Bank & Trust  

Detroit Detroit Edison - Beacon Street  

Detroit Detroit Edison - Conners Creek  

Detroit Detroit Edison - Delray Power Plant  

Detroit First Federal Savings & Loan  

Detroit First National Bank  

Detroit Fisher Building Detroit  

Detroit GM Fisher Body Plant  

Detroit GM Fleetwood Plant  

Detroit GM Forge Plant  

Detroit Great Lakes Steel Mill Zug Island  

Detroit Harper Hospital  

Detroit Henry Ford Hospital  

Detroit Hudson Motor Car Company  

Detroit Kelsey Hayes Foundry  

Detroit L.A. Young Spring & Wire Corp.  

Detroit Levy Lime Plant  

Detroit Marathon Oil Refinery  

Detroit Michcon Gas Building  

Detroit Michigan Bell Building  

Detroit Mistersky Power Plant  

Detroit National Food Warehouse  

Detroit New York Central Railroad  

Detroit Packard Motor Company  

Detroit Quaker Chemical Plant  

Detroit Saint John’s Hospital  

Detroit Scott Paper Mill  

Detroit Semet Solvay Plant  

Detroit Sinai Hospital  

Detroit Snyder Tool  

Detroit Standard Federal Savings & Loan  

Detroit Stroh Brewery  

Detroit Wayne State University  

Dewitt High School  

Ecorse Great Lakes Steel Mill  

Erie Consumers Power Plant  

Farmington Affiliated Incinerators, Inc.  

Ferndale Reichold Chemical Plant  

Flat Rock Ford Michigan Casting Center  

Flint AC Sparkplug Plants  

Flint Ainsworth High School  

Flint Beecher High School  

Flint Buick City Plant  

Flint Chevrolet Plant  

Flint Eastland Mall  

Flint Flint Osteopathic Hospital  

Flint Genesee Valley Mall  

Flint GM Engine Plant  

Flint GM Fisher Body Plant  

Flint GM Ternstedt Plant  

Flint GM Truck & Bus Plant  

Flint Hamady High School  

Flint Hurley Hospital  

Flint McLaren Hospital  

Flint Mott Art Center  

Flint Mott Community College  

Flint Northern High School  

Flint NW High School  

Flint Sloan Museum  

Flint Southwestern High School  

Flint Whiting Auditorium  

Gibraltar McLouth Steel Mill  

Grand Blanc High School  

Grosse Pointe Bon Secours Hospital  

Grosse Pointe Cottage Hospital  

Hamtramck Dodge Main Plant  

Harper Woods Eastland Mall  

Hemlock Dow Corning Plant  

Highland Park Sears Warehouse  

Lapeer State Home  

Livonia Ford Plant  

Livonia Chevrolet Spring & Bumper Plant  

Marine City Detroit Edison St. Clair Power Plant  

Marysville Consumers Power Gas Plant  

Marysville Detroit Edison Power Plant  

Mason Alaidon Elementary School  

Mason Aurelius Elementary School  

Mason Cedar St School  

Mason Davison Middle School  

Mason Mason High School  

Mason Steele St Elementary School  

Milan Ford Plant  

Milford GM Proving Ground  

Monroe Consolidated Paper Mill  

Monroe Detroit Edison Company  

Mt. Clemens Ford Paint Plant  

Mt. Clemens Saint Joseph Hospital  

Mt. Clemens Selfridge Air Force Base  

Mt. Morris High School  

Newport Detroit Edison Fermi Nuclear Plant  

Northville St. Mary’s School  

Okemos Okemos High School  

Owosso Ford Plant  

Owosso High School  

Owosso Owosso Hospital  

Plymouth Plymouth High School  

Pontiac GM Fisher Body Plant  

Pontiac GM Truck & Coach Plant  

Pontiac Pontiac Motors Plants  

Pontiac St. Joseph Hospital  

Pontiac State Hospital  

Port Huron Mercy Hospital  

Port Huron Prestolite Plant  

Port Huron Sulfite Paper Mill  

Rawsonville Ford Plant  

Redford Detroit Diesel Plant  

River Rouge Detroit Edison Power Plant  

Riverview Sharples Chemical Plant  

Rochester Oakland University  

Rochester Parke Davis Plant  

Romulus Metro Airport  

River Rouge Peerless Cement Plant  

Southfield Robin Towers  

Sterling Hts. Ford Power Plant  

Southfield Federal Mogul Building  

Southfield Providence Hospital  

Sterling Hts. Chrysler Stamping  

Sterling Hts. Ford Plant  

Swartz Creek GM Otterburn Plant  

Trenton Chrysler Engine Plant  

Trenton Dana Corp Plant  

Trenton Detroit Edison Trenton Channel Power Plant  

Trenton McLouth Steel Mill  

Trenton Mobil Oil Refinery  

Trenton Monsanto Chemical Plant  

Trenton Seaway Hospital  

Troy Oakland Mall  

Troy Somerset Mall  

Utica Ford Trim Plant  

Vassar Vassar Foundry  

Warren Chrysler Tank Plant  

Warren Chrysler Stamping Plant  

Warren GM Tech Center  

Warren J & L Steel Plant  

Warren Udilite Corporation  

Warren Union Carbide Carbolloy Plant  

Wayne Eloise Hospital  

Wayne Ford Assembly Plant  

Wayne Ford Truck Plant  

Westland Westland Center  

Wixom Lincoln Mercury Plant  

Woodhaven Ford Stamping Plant  

Wyandotte City of Wyandotte Power Plant  

Wyandotte Pennwalt Chemical Plant  

Wyandotte Wyandotte Chemical  

Ypsilanti Eastern Michigan University  

Ypsilanti GM - Willow Run Plant  

Ypsilanti GM - Hydramatic Transmission Plant  

Ypsilanti Ypsilanti High School  


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