John T.

I was recommended to Serling & Abramson by one of my uncles. They were very organized and very detailed. Everyone who I’ve worked with at their office has been great and really respectful. They helped through all the legal and technical ends and helped me recognize the asbestos danger that was not apparent from the places that I worked.

I had never been through the legal process before, and I couldn’t ask for any nicer and more helpful people. They really know their business. I think that, for what I went through, my case went extremely well. Eric and I went to a deposition, and it was really good having him with me giving me support and helping me through the process.

I think the financial compensation for what happened to me was really good. There are so many manufacturers and businesses involved, and they did the research to find out who was responsible and went after them. The research they did was extraordinary. I’m really, really grateful to everyone there.

John T.
They made me feel like a part of their family. I am forever grateful to them.
Melissa M.

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