Cancer From Roundup: What to Know about Lawsuits

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For decades, Monsanto's—now Bayer's—Roundup has been connected to cases of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and other illnesses. Thousands of health diagnoses have been linked to Roundup, especially in recent years. This popular weed killer has a key ingredient in it called glyphosate, a toxic substance and "probable human carcinogen," according to the WHO and IARC. When combined with certain inert ingredients, glyphosate's toxicity is amplified. Such is the case with Roundup. As a result, it's quickly becoming one of the most toxic popular weed killers.

How Using Roundup Can Lead to Cancer

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If you've ever used the popular weed-killer, Roundup and started coughing while you were using it, you may have begun to wonder about the safety of using it. You aren't alone! Many others wondered the same thing and have gone so far as to have their health checked as a result. Unfortunately, the reality is that many have suffered deadly illnesses that are believed to have been caused by Roundup.
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