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Talcum Powder Lawsuits: Who is Eligible to File?

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As science progresses, we discover more and more information about the world around us every day. Unfortunately, this information is not always fun-fact material. Such is the case with long-term exposure to certain products that we once assumed were safe and even beneficial. Talc is one of those products. While we are still learning about the effects talc exposure can have, some have known of these dangers for a long time. The problem is, they may not have responsibly acted upon that information. So let’s explore the talcum powder lawsuits.

The U.S. Supreme Court's Rejection of J & J's Appeal

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Facing over 21,800 lawsuits over its talc-based products, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is under fire. Many of these lawsuits claim that Johnson & Johnson was aware for decades that their talc powders contained carcinogenic asbestos. This exposure then put people at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases. Their baby powder, in particular, has been claimed by thousands to have caused ovarian cancer. Talc, the main ingredient in Johnson & Johnson's baby powder, has been under scrutiny. There are concerns over its possible asbestos contamination and the effects it can have on those that come into contact with it. Talc is a mined mineral that can easily contain trace amounts of asbestos because of where it is mined.

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