Erich Regier

Professional Title
Intake Specialist & Investigator
Erich Regier

Erich Regier is an intake specialist/investigator for the Serling and Abramson law office for over 3 years. Before joining the firm, he spent 25 years in the Information Technology field as a Business Analyst for a global IT firm. 

He has 30 years of general home building knowledge. Ranging from roofing, drywall, kitchen & bath remodel, and general plumbing and electrical knowledge. In addition to his intake and investigative work, Erich also is the lead with the firm’s website and digital media activities, along with the office’s computer and network interface. 

In his spare time, Erich enjoys spending time up north with his family, fishing, and ATVing on the trails.


Thankfully, I was referred to Serling & Abramson. They were incredible in guiding me through the process.
Michael K.

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