It’s Hot to Stay Cool: Enjoying the Summer Sun and Celebrating UV Awareness Month

UV Awareness Month

June 21st was the official start of summer! Summer in Michigan is celebrated for the hot weather and sunny days, but with it comes an increased worry for sun damage to the hair, eyes, and skin. July is UV Safety Awareness Month – a time to place emphasis on the importance of protecting our bodies from UV (ultraviolet) rays.

Roundup - The Supreme Court has rejected Bayer's appeal


The Supreme Court has rejected Bayer's appeal to shut down thousands of lawsuits claiming that its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer.

The justices on Tuesday left in place a $25 million judgment in favor of Edwin Hardeman, a California man who says he developed cancer from using Roundup for decades to treat poison oak, overgrowth and weeds on his San Francisco Bay Area property. Hardeman's lawsuit had served as a test case for thousands of similar lawsuits.

Thank You, Dad – A Tribute to Those Who Have Loved and Cared for a Father with Mesothelioma

Fathers Day

There is so much to learn from our parents. From learning how to walk, how to ride a bike, or even how to change a part on a car, parents are a source of knowledge that children can discover and grow from. When a family member is diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, it doesn’t just affect the patient.

Juneteenth: Looking Back & Facing Challenges - Celebrating African-American History While Also Recognizing Existing Health Disparities Among People of Color


June 19th marks a federally celebrated holiday known as Juneteenth National Independence Day. Also known as Jubilee Day, Emancipation Day, Freedom Day, or Black Independence Day, the holiday is a commemoration of the emancipation of African-American slaves. The holiday has been celebrated across the United States since 1865 and was officially marked as a federal holiday by President Biden in June 2021.

Client Spotlight - Michael Kaplan & Sean Sasser: A love that could not be dimmed by a mesothelioma diagnosis

Sean Sasser

There are numerous factors about the human experience that make us unique. The color of your eyes. The length of your hair. The religion you believe in. The type of food you enjoy. The people you are attracted to. While these things individually do not define you, they play a role in who you are - and who you should be proud to be!

EPA Announces Ban on Asbestos

Plaque of the Environmental Protection Agency

On April 5, 2021, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposed rule that, if implemented, will ban the importing and manufacturing of products containing chrysotile asbestos. While there are several types of asbestos, chrysotile asbestos is the only type of asbestos known to be currently imported and used in the United States.

Asbestos Exposure in Automotive Plants in Michigan

Automotive worker

If you work in the automotive industry, then you are among workers who have a higher than average risk of developing asbestos related diseases. In Michigan, heart of the Rust Belt of America, asbestos exposure rates are particularly high. In fact, Michigan was historically one of the top producers of asbestos included automotive materials in the country. It was not until the 1980’s that the US government started regulating asbestos in the automotive industry, meaning that many automotive workers were—and still are—at risk.

Asbestos Exposure and Auto Mechanics

auto mechanic working on vehicle

Auto mechanics, whether hobbyists or full-time professionals, face increased risk of asbestos exposure due to the nature of their work. Asbestos is found in numerous manufactured automobile parts, putting thousands of auto workers—and by extension, their families—at serious risk of developing life-threatening conditions. Despite federal asbestos regulations going into effect in the 1980s, many aftermarket car parts still contain asbestos.

Michigan: A Second Disease State

gavel in front of books

There are many of individuals who were exposed to asbestos disease that are diagnosed with Asbestosis, (a non-malignant scaring of the lungs) every year in Michigan. What you might not know is that if you received a settlement for asbestosis, and years later, even decades later, you receive a diagnosis of Primary Lung Cancer or Mesothelioma (cancer of the lining of the lung or lining of the abdomen), you or your family will be eligible to file a second disease case. This is the law in the state of Michigan.

Understanding Michigan's Statutes of Limitations Related to Asbestos

gold statue lady figure of justice with scales

As you sit in the doctor’s office and are being told that you have been diagnosed with lung cancer or mesothelioma, the last thing on your mind is what the Statute of Limitations is for filing an asbestos disease lawsuit.  You are thinking of treatments, ways to get better and spending time with family.

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Michael S.

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