Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

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The diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma requires the completion of several steps before a treatment plan begins. This article will provide an overview of what to expect during the diagnosis stage, as well as a detailed look at the treatment options that may be available to you.

As with any major health concern, frequent and open communication with your doctor will help you navigate this difficult time.

Universities Ignoring Student Sexual Abuse by Employees

University or college students in a lecture hall

College can be a rewarding, life-changing experience for many people. Young adults often learn how to be adults over the course of their time as college students. They figure out how to navigate the world independently, discovering how to live and grow on their own—often beyond the influence of their parents. However, this sudden transition to independence can also leave college students vulnerable to situations in which they lack experience. Unfortunately, it is this unique vulnerability that makes college students quick targets for sexual predation.

Serling Intern Receives 2020-2021 Distinguished Law Student Leadership Award

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Congratulations to our talented Law Clerk and MSU Law student, Emily Rosberg, on receiving the 2020-2021 Distinguished Law Student Leadership Award!

This award is for working with the Multicultural Executive Council and the Diversity and Equity Services Office. It is given to student leaders who are dedicated to seeing a diverse and inclusive community thrive at Michigan State University College of Law. The award is to celebrate students who want to promote and increase diversity within the law college and continue to support an inclusive space for all.

Can a Victim of Sexual Assault File a Civil Lawsuit?

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The pursuit of justice after sexual abuse can look different for every victim. Criminal prosecution is designed to identify and stop sexual offenders in the name of public safety. Unfortunately, the jury is not in place just to empathize with the victim—they are there to ensure that the verdict is made beyond a reasonable doubt. For many victims of sexual assault, this process can be traumatic and does not always work out in their favor.

Talcum Powder Lawsuits: Who is Eligible to File?

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Within the last few decades, multiple scientific studies have enabled us to directly link the formation of certain cancers and chronic conditions to talcum powder exposure. Because these risks have been scientifically proven, lawsuits are being filed due to accusations that the companies that produce talcum powder products have been negligent in informing consumers. Claims have been made that these companies were fully aware of the risks associated with their products yet did not take preventive measures. 

Serling & Abramson Attorneys Answer Asbestos FAQs on Gracefully Greying Podcast

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Michael Serling and Eric Abramson joined the host of Gracefully Greying for a Q&A to discuss important questions around asbestos, mesothelioma, and your legal rights.

Read below to learn more about these important topics or watch the full podcast episode here

Talcum Powder Facts and Alternatives

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In recent years, talcum powder has been a hot topic of discussion for both legal and medical professionals. This is due to a potential link between talcum powder usage and severe medical conditions such as cancer. But what is talcum powder? Should we avoid using it? Let’s discuss this below.

Asbestos Exposure in Foundry & Sheet Metal Workers

Group of workers in a foundry at the melting furnace

Over the past century, scientific advancements have revealed the hazards of asbestos exposure. How could we have known that this wildly abundant and, for all appearances, useful mineral would cause hundreds of thousands of deaths? Of course, we couldn’t have, especially since it can take anywhere from 15 to 50 years after initial asbestos exposure for an individual to show signs of asbestos-related illness.

Asbestos Exposure in Mining

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Throughout history, the mining profession has been vital to the growth and development of our country. Most of the products you use today—your computer, your phone, doorknobs, light bulbs, forks, spoons, the zipper on your blue jeans—could never have been produced without the labor of miners. After all, without someone to gather and supply the resources necessary to create these items, there would be no items.

Asbestos-Related Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

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In the days of playing with liquid mercury and drinking from lead-piped water lines, we knew little about how exposure to certain things could lead to future health issues. Asbestos is one such material. As a result of extensive studies, asbestos exposure has been linked to the development of several lung cancers, including non-small cell lung cancer. Let’s discuss what non-small cell lung cancer is and how asbestos is related to its development.

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