Asbestos Exposure in Unions & Building Trades



The Serling and Abramson law firm has an unmatched relationship with Trade Unions throughout the State of Michigan. Since our first successful asbestos related case back in the 1970's, we have built an extensive database of jobsites and trades. Click on zone 1,2 or 3 to view the many different jobsites in Michigan that are known to contain asbestos-containing products.

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The law firm of Serling & Abramson has proudly represented asbestos disease victims from the following Michigan Unions and more. 


       Asbestos Abatement Workers Regional Local 207  

       Boilermakers Local 169 

       Boilermakers Local 85 

       Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 2

       Heat and Frost Insulators Local 127

       Heat and Frost Insulators Local 25

       Heat and Frost Insulators Local 47

       Heat and Frost Insulators Local 75

       International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Various Locals

       Iron Workers Local 25 

       Laborers Various Locals

       Michigan Regional Carpenters Council Various Locals

       Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights  

       Millwrights Local 1102 

       Operating Engineers Local 324 

       Operative Plasters and Cement Masons

       Painters District Council 1M/Glaziers & Glassworkers Various Locals

       Pipe Fitters Local 636 

       Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Various Locals

       Plumbers Local 98 

       Roofers Local 149 

       Sheet Metal Workers Various Locals

       UAW Locals

       Steelworkers Various Locals

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