Asbesto Exposure in Michigan Schools

‚ÄčIn 1984 Serling & Abramson along with other Michigan law firms including our Of Counsel attorney, Phil Goodman, were selected as attorneys for a Michigan school class action for public and private schools. Serling & Abramson filed a lawsuit on behalf of Michigan public and private schools to recoup property damage costs against the manufacturers and distributors of asbestos-containing materials. The asbestos materials included plastering products, fireproofing, pipe insulation, cement, gaskets, boiler insulation, floor tiles, ceiling tiles and many many other asbestos-containing products.  The case was filed in Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit.  The case involved 332 Michigan school districts and several private schools. Nearly 2,000 buildings were involved across the state of Michigan.  

The lawsuit named over 50 defendants most of whom settled with the approval of the court with a plan to distribute settlement proceeds that exceeded over $100,000,000. The result of this lawsuit enabled the schools to remove dangerous asbestos products from their buildings. Due to the hard work of Serling and Abramson, Michigan schools are safer for students, teachers, custodians, other employees and visitors to the buildings.  

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